We are a start-up company based in China and think globally

We will implement China's global health strategy and actively promote international cooperation in population health. Based on the bilateral cooperation mechanism, we will innovate cooperation models, strengthen cultural exchanges, and promote health cooperation between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road.” - Excerpted from "Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline"-- issued on October 25, 2016

Global Graphene R&D Center
We will cooperate with the Graphene Health Frontier
Technology.Research Offices in the United Kingdom,
the ,United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia,
and other countries,and will establish the Graphene
Advanced Technology Application Collaboration Center
belonging to Mendeleev.

      Global intelligent Technology R&D Center
        We will rely on intelligent technology R&D and application
        development teams in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, Berlin, Tokyo
        and Seoul to integrate resources from each other to form a
         joint agency which can combine artificial intelligence,Internet
        of Things, and big data, health products.We will pursuit of a full
        sense of science and technology experience.