Cooperation policy


There is always a way of cooperation suitable for you


Consigned research and development
The consignor put forward requirement and our company
conducts research and development according to the req
-uirement.Research and development expenses are borne
by the consignor. When product research and developme
-nt is completed, patents and other intellectual property r
-ights are owned by consignor.Consignor can apply for pa
-tentson their own or entrust our company to apply for pa
-tents.If the consignor needs to mass-produce the produc
-ts, the consignor may consign our company to carry out p
-roduction,orconsign third parties to carry out production.


The client is satisfied with the products developed by our
company and can directly carry out OEM production. The
client can also make minor adjustments to product appea
-rance and function, and carry out OEMproduction.