Invite you to become a business partner

All people and organizations who are interested in graphene and health industry can negotiate with our company for distribution cooperation policy. Mendeleev now has three major graphene series products.

(1)Graphene Hyperthermia +Massage+Chinese Medicine Series——Graphene intelligent neckguard and Graphene intelligent waistband
(2) Graphene Hyperthermia + Magnetic Therapy Series - Graphene multifunctional waist, Graphene eye mask, Graphene neckguard
(3) Graphene Hyperthermia series - Graphene UU pillow, Graphene warm uterus belt

Cooperation conditions

1. Have independent decision-making power
2. Can put forward own market development plan
3. There are certain project start-up funds
4. Have sales team and channels
5. Recognize the company's brand culture and development philosophy

Product Distribution

Form 1: Wholesale

You are responsible for product sales, I am responsible for product shipments.

Form 2: Establish a partnership

The first purchase  ¥19,800     is awarded the honorary partner of the company and obtained the corresponding purchase discount and market rights.
The first purchas  ¥39,800     is awarded the title of corporate channel partner and obtain the corresponding purchase discount and market rights
The first purchase of ¥149,800     is awarded the title of corporate strategic partner and obtained the corresponding purchase discount and market rights

Traffic cooperation

If you have your own team, online shop, and e-commerce platform, we can also conduct in-depth cooperation on activating fans and realizing traffic. You can use your own brand without taking up cash.

Equity cooperation

If you have a strong sales channel and team, promise and sign a sales agreement of not less than ¥500,000 annually, we will allow you and the team to enter the company's management, become shareholders of the company, and establish a formal partner relationship.


1. Filing and protection of channel customers 2. Market advertising support  3. Annual appraisal    4. Return of year-end market contribution.


Details can be consulted:4009980669 Mr. Zhang