Shenzhen has applied for more than 900 graphene patents

Graphene, the king of new materials known as "black gold," has become a "matchable place" for strategic layout of new materials in various countries in recent years.

2018 Shenzhen International Graphene Forum held an opening ceremony on April 12 at the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University. During the conference, more than 60 world-renowned scientists and industrialists in the graphene field, including the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Professor Andre Gaim, made public speeches. It is reported that from 2012 to 2017, Shenzhen City has funded nearly 100 million yuan in basic research on graphene.

With the gradual breakthrough of mass production and large-size problems, the industrialization of graphene is accelerating. Based on existing research results, the first areas of commercial application may be mobile equipment, aerospace, and new energy battery area. At present, research and application development of graphene continues to heat up. Graphene and graphene-related materials are widely used in battery electrode materials, semiconductor devices, transparent displays, sensors, capacitors, and transistors.

Shenzhen City attaches great importance to the basic scientific research and industrialization of new materials represented by graphene. From 2012 to 2017, Shenzhen City has funded nearly 100 million yuan in basic research on basic research and application of graphene.

According to preliminary statistics, as of 2017, Shenzhen has nurtured and introduced more than a dozen research and development teams with international influence on graphene, built more than ten graphene-related research and innovation carriers, and cultivated more than 30 graphene related enterprises, related companies, universities and research institutes have published over 500 graphene-related SCI papers, applied for more than 900 related patents, prepared graphene powders, graphene composite energy storage materials, graphene heating films, and graphene electronics. Great progress has been made in information materials and other aspects, and a strong industrial foundation has been accumulated. The advantages of related products in the fields of electronic information, new energy, and composite materials are obvious.

On December 4, 2017, Shenzhen City Government invested and built the Shenzhen Graphy Graphene Research Center, a Graphene Nobel Prize-winning scientist laboratory supported by the Tsinghua Berkeley Shenzhen Academy and the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University. The center is led by the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics, and the graphene discoverer André Gaim. The main goal is to overcome the key challenges faced by the two-dimensional materials represented by graphene in the research of basic frontiers and the industrialization of high-end products, and to develop into a new type of two-dimensional material and device research and development, standardization formulation, industrialization detection and other international tops. The versatile research platform.